About Us

Peace Above the Storm Ministries (PAS) is a volunteer operation founded in 2005. PAS is comprised of operations coordinator Gavin Gaynair, plus all volunteers and supporters. Our mission is to meet the temporal needs of humanity, while offering that which is eternal. Our purpose is to empower individuals around the world by means of education, spiritual development, and by providing relief from hardship. Our work stretches both nationally and internationally as we seek to help all humanity regardless of race, religion, or nationality. PAS operates independently of all governmental, institutional, and political influences.

Our Work

Peace Above the Storm Ministries began in 2005 with a four week mission to Belize, Central America. We conducted programs and empowerment seminars for the village of Trial Farm in the Orange Walk District. Our work then stretched over to the jungles of southern India as we began to support Spring of Hope and the A-I (Siddi) Light Academy, a school designed to promote the advancement of the deprived Siddi tribes. We then traveled over to the Dominican Repubic, with the students of Greater Boston Academy, to rebuild a church and promote community welfare. Locally, we provide mentorship programs, tutoring and extracurricular activities for students, and empowerment seminars.

Remarks from Founder

Peace Above the Storm Ministries came into being after my eyes were opened to the world around me. During my enrollment at Oakwood University, I became heavily involved in the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation, an outreach organization that taught young people the practical aspects of Christian service. My experience led me to see suffering on various levels both domestically and internationally. Such experience helped me to realize how insignificant my life would be if it were not lived to its greatest potential, which is to share it with a helping hand. Upon my graduation I was given the charge of Matthew 28:19, 20 to continue in service. Thus, I seek to fulfill the great commission, and encourage others to do likewise.

- To meet the temporal needs of humanity, while offering that which is eternal -
- Gavin G. Gaynair -