A Reason to Rejoice

"I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people!"

- Luke 2:10

The Promise

When God created, He created everything perfect. There was no sign of physical or spiritual decay upon the earth. Adam and Eve enjoyed face to face communion with their Creator. They did not know pain nor suffering in any of its forms. Their home was the perfection of Eden. Their heart's desires were for their attainment. Everything was created for their enjoyment. They had access to all Eden had to offer; everything but one restricted tree. The tree was the test of their undivided love to their Creator. To eat of it would bring knowledge of good and evil to the world by disobedience to the Creator.

Tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit, Eve and then Adam chose the love of their own selfish desires, to the love of God their Creator. It was disobedience that opened the door of sin. It was the love of our own desires that veiled the Creator's face to the human race. Adam and Eve had to leave the home God prepared for them. Before their exile from the garden, the Creator gave them a promise of love. A Redeemer, a Savior, the Messiah, the Christ shall save us from our sin and redeem us to the loving Creator.

Adam and Eve brought forth many children hoping that each male child would be the promised Son. They lived their lives and died not seeing the promised Messiah. Many generations followed with the same hope of seeing the Messiah. The cry of the human race became greater with each passing generation! It was no wonder that the heaven was filled with such great rejoicing the night the Messiah was born. Truly it was a reason to rejoice. The hopes of many generations had come to pass. The Messiah, the Christ child had arrived. It was He, a helpless and defenseless babe that would one day save the human race!

Their He was, the Son of God. His entrance into the world was all but grand! It was humble. It was no way for a king to be born, much less that the Son of God! Yet it was the means the Creator had chosen. The Messiah was to live the life of the human race. He was to experience the effects of sin first hand. He was to overcome and prove that the human race could have an undivided love for their Creator.

It was there in Bethlehem, in a manger that the promise came to pass. All those who lived before looked forward to the fulfillment of the promise. All those who lived after, look back at the ransom He paid to save us from our sins. As you celebrate the Christ child, remember not only His birth but all that He came to accomplish. Remember the new promise He gave the human race: that He shall come again and receive us unto Himself that where He is, there we may be also! It is the promise of Heaven!

God Bless,
Gavin Gaynair