"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God."

- 1 John 3:1

God Who? (Part 7)

A name holds great importance as it reveals much about a person. In many eastern cultures still today, as in Bible times, a name was given to reveal the character of its bearer. Even today in our own society, a person's name automatically brings to our mind the character traits that person has acquired through their life and lifestyle. It is no wonder God commands that we must not take His name in vain. His name reveals His character. His name reveals who He is and His desire for His beloved creation.

In all actuality, God is referred to by many names. The modern translations of the Bible omits these names in the translation process, but they can be found in the original manuscripts and early religious writings. All the same, the omission of these names does not minimize the revelation of His character as revealed in the messages of these same passages of Scripture.

In 1 John 3:1, God is given a name unlike all the other names. This name reveals Him in the most personal way, as Father! This stresses the unconditional love He has for us as His children. Roman 5:8 and John 3:16 states that He loves us so much in that while we were yet sinners, He gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins, that we might be saved.

To know God as Father, it to know Him in the most personal manner. To know God as Father, is to know that you can always run to Him with your problems. To recognize Him as Father, is to realize that He is always there; He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

To know God as Father, is to realize that He is more than a Ruler; more than the Creator; more than a Redeemer; more than One who sits on a throne; He is One who is personally involved in your life. He is One who cares about every detail of your existence. He desires to fix all the things that are broken in your life and restore you to His image. HIS NAME IS Father. He is a personal God of love. His love is unconditional and everlasting.

God Bless,
Gavin Gaynair