No Room

"She brought forth her firstborn son... and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn."

- Luke 2:7

Miracle in a Stable

It is still boggling that the King of the universe, the King of all creation, would be born in a simple stable. Surely the only place fit for a king would be to be born in a palace under the care of the best physicians and nurses a kingdom has to offer. Under the circumstances of the Christ child's birth, surely even the best inn in Bethlehem could have made room for the great miracle that was about to take place. "No room here," was the constant words of rejection. Inn after inn Joseph and his wife traveled as her contractions grew closer and closer. None was moved with compassion for the woman in labor. Their thoughts were on their own selfish desires and gain.

Imagine the overwhelming worry of Joseph not being able to provide a place for his wife. Imagine the pain experienced by Mary as the Christ child made his descent out of the womb. Imagine the dreaded words heard once again, "No Room!" Mary groaned in the pain of labor as the Spirit of God moved upon one man to take pity. All he could offer was the manger. What a way for any child to enter the world, much less the King of glory!

A stable! A place where the air is permeated by the stench of the manure and urine of livestock. A place lacking greatly in sanitation. It was here that the Christ child was born. It was a lowly beginning. It was not a place the Christ should have made His entrance into the world, but there was no room in the inn!

Even today, Christ seeks a place to reside in the hearts of humanity. Still the words of rejection go forth from the mouths and hearts of men. "No room here," we say in our thoughts and deeds. "No room here," we profess as we seek after our own selfish desires and gain. There is no place to be found for Him in the palaces of today. There is no room for Him in the inns. Ow, but when He comes to a manger, He finds an open door. He finds sinful men in their lowest of state. He finds them permeated by the stench of sin. But it is here that He finds a place to abide.

Though the manger was no place for the Christ child to be born, it was the place chosen by God to perform one of the greatest miracles of human history. Christ's work of redemption started here, the lowliest of places. So today in the hearts of men, his work begins in the lowliest of places. That is the sinful heart that has opened its door to the Redeemer. Though filled with much sin and overwhelmed with burdens, it is here that Christ can and will perform much miracles and will redeem the sinful soul. It is here in the manger that Christ begins His work of purifying the filth (our sins) that fills the manger (our souls).

God Bless,
Gavin Gaynair