Roller Coaster Experience

"Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

- Philippians 1:6

Many people find roller coasters to be a great experience. We love the excitement of being pulled up, dropped down, pushed side to side, and spun upside down defying the laws of gravity. Our only complaint is that the experience is too short. After standing in line for an hour the reward is thirty seconds of rewarded pleasure, but well worth it. But what if the experience lasted as long as the wait? How enjoyable would the experience be? The human body and mind could only take so much adrenaline rushing through its systems. It would no longer be an enjoyable experience, but a dreaded one.

Our Christian endeavor can be likened to a roller coaster experience. It is with no doubt, to the true believer, filled with great excitement and experiences. The joy found in Christ surpasses all those found in temporal remedies. The spiritual adrenaline fills our soul and mind and drives us into a deeper and closer relationship with our God.

Our Christian experience, however, is not a short experience of pleasure that results as the reward for accepting Christ as Savior. It is a lifelong experience. At times we experience the spiritual highs in which we know He is near. We walk and talk with Him. We reflect Him in every way. Our sins and temptations become easy to forbear. Then we experience a spiritual drop. We question God's closeness and our salvation. Sin and temptation once again prove to be a worthy foe. We are then pushed side to side by the struggles of life. Everything seems to be falling apart. Ends seem impossible to meet and there seem to be little or no help from above. We are then spun upside down when nothing seems to make sense. We question God. We question ourselves. But we hold on in faith believing everything will come full circle.

The Christian roller coaster experience is nothing to be ashamed of. We all experience it. As long as we hold on in faith, we will always come full circle to another spiritual high point. But note that our current high is higher than the first. Understand that the drop, the struggle, and the uncertainty, were periods in your life that has helped in the purification process of your heart.

Through your roller coaster experiences, keep this in mind: God has promised to complete the work of perfecting your being. Yes, this is the very work that He Himself began in you!

God Bless,
Gavin Gaynair