Hope and Strength Once Again

"What a blessing it has been for me to be at the Peace Above the Storm Crusade. I have been having a lot of trials in my life. The more I prayed, the more problems I seemed to have. I give God thanks and praise that I knew there was a battle within me. With all my problems and no visible way out, I called upon God to show me if He is still with me. God answered my prayers through the Peace Above the Storm Crusade which gave me hope and strength once again. I give God thanks for all whom had a part to play in sending the messenger of God to help me in the struggles in my life."

- Genevieve Martinez
Trial Farm Village (Belize 2011)

Humble Yet Powerful

"You presented the word in such a way that even the smallest child could understand it. Your messages were clear and direct. Thank you for the revival that you were able to bring to our hearts... While the setting was humble, the message was powerful. Thank you."

- Sherilyn Flowers
Eden High School (Belize 2011)

A Challenge and a Blessing

"It was a challenge and a blessing to bring the good news to a place where we never held a crusade before. I admire the way the brother preached with both calmness and power. I thank Brother Gavin for coming and letting me know that there is peace above the storm."

- Cathrine Flowers
Belen SDA Church (Belize 2011)

A Dream Come True

"It has been a dream of ours for years to build a decent church in El Brisal. This is what our brothers wanted, to have a different church like the one you built. It was a shame for them to have that kind of church because of the condition of that church."

- Rosario Poueriet
District Pastor (Dominican Republic 2010)

"Because of the work you have done here and the growth of this church, we (the church members) are able to start expanding our work in the neighborhood."

- Santiago and Papito
Church Members and Contractors (Dominican Republic 2010)