Your Helping Hands

The magnitude of any mission is dependent on the support it receives. Peace Above the Storm extends the opportunity to you! You too can be involved in our missions. Scroll below to find out the ways you can help and become a part of PAS Ministries.

Missionary Volunteers

If you would like to assist hands-on in one of our upcoming missions abroad and/or current projects, the invitation is yours! Check out our upcoming events and contact us to volunteer.

Upcoming Events

Missionary Planning

Is your group interested in taking part in a mission trip? Do you need assistance to make it happen? PAS is willing to help you make your dreams a reality! Whether your group would like to do something locally, domestically, or internationally; PAS would like to be your helping hand. Contact us for further information and to find out how we can help you plan and implement your ideas.

Contact Us


If you would like to assist in our fundraising goals for our upcoming mission trip(s) and projects, you may donate online using PayPal. If you would like to donate by check/money order, please feel free to contact us. Please note that PAS Ministries is not registered as a 501(c)3; nevertheless, all funds are used strictly to fulfill the mission of the organization and to successfully accomplish each of its mission projects.

Fundraising Accomplishments

With your assistance, we have been able to do the following:
  • With Greater Boston Academy, we rebuilt a church in the Dominican Republic (pictured above).
  • We provided care packages for those in need.
  • We conducted several outreach missions to Belize.
  • We purchased and installed a commercial generator for the A-I (Siddi) Light Academy in India.
  • We provided school supplies, uniforms, and two computers with accessories to the A-I (Siddi) Light Academy in India.